Payment Response Handling

Let's see how to handle payment response !

Foloosi payments has two types of responses,

  • Foloosi handler for Popup Payment method.

  • Request post object for Hosting Payment method.

a. Foloosi handler

React gives you the handlers for Payment status and details.

After the Payment is done, the line below sends Payment Details and Payment Status to foloosiHandler function.

window.addEventListener('message', this.foloosiHandler);
/* Foloosi handler for payment response handling
 * Add the below code inside the script tag to handle payment response
      if( == 'success'){
        //responde success code
      if( == 'error'){
        //responde success code
      if( == 'closed'){
        //Payment Popup Closed

b. Redirects to site_return_url with post data

//sample post response
    "status": "success",
    "data": {
        "amount": 12.00,
        "currency": "AED",
        "transaction_no": "FLSXXXXXXXXXXABC",
        "optional1": "additional_field",
        "optional2": "additional_field",
        "optional3": "additional_field",


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