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Payment Gateway plugin allows merchants to Accept Credit/Debit Card, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay on CS-Cart store.

Foloosi Payment Extension for CS Cart


​Payment Gateway plugin allows merchants to Accept Credit/Debit Card, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay on CS-Cart store.

Allows customers to pay on the website itself, without getting redirected from CS Cart Page.

Basic Requirements


  1. Ensure you have the latest version of CS Cart installed. Click here to download extension file for free.

  2. Download the zip of this repository.

  3. Execute the file named 'install_foloosi.sql'. This has to be executed against your cscart database. You can use phpmyadmin to import the file into your cscart database or Copy-Paste the content to run directly on your mysql shell.

  4. Sample import image below,

  5. Upload rest of the contents of the plugin to your CS Cart Installation directory.

  6. Contents of downloaded app folder goes into app folder of the directory and contents of downloaded design folder goes into design folder of the directory.

  7. sample configuration image


  1. Log into CS-Cart as administrator

  2. Navigate to Administration / Payment Methods.

  3. Click on"+" to add a new payment method.

  4. Choose Foloosi from the list and then click on Save. For templates, choose "cc_outside.tpl"

  5. Click on 'Configure' tab.

  6. Enter Merchant Key and Secret Key which you can get from Foloosi's Dashboard.

  7. Click 'Save'.

Available Payment Methods

To enable popup, just uncheck the Redirection check box under Settings.

In this method, the payment page appears as a Pop-Up, embedded onto the checkout page itself().

Once the Payment is completed an acknowledgement is sent on your Cs-Cart store.

Hosting Payment Method

To enable this method, enable the Redirection checkbox under Settings.

Here the Payment Page is redirected to foloosi's Payment Page. Once a payment is completed it will redirected to your success/failure page

It supports Card payment, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Saved Card Payment Method

To Avail this feature enable the Savedcard check box under Settings.

Sample Success Screen


Supports 170 World Currencies


Visit https://www.foloosi.com for support requests or email to [email protected].

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