Make Payment

Step 1 - Initiate SDK

var initData = {
"merchantKey": "Your Merchant Key",
"customColor": "#1E8449",
await FoloosiPlugins.init(json.encode(initData));

sample escape string

merchantKey: 'key_\$2\$1\$1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
Important Note - You can Follow any one of the methods below to initiate payment widget

a. Make Payment with order object

Create Order Data Object with necessary inputs

You can create the order data or payment input with our OrderData Model class. Here you need to provide order id, title, description, currency code, order amount and customer details like name, email and mobile number.
var orderData = {
"orderId": "521",
"orderDescription": "Order Description",
"orderAmount": double.parse(amountTextField.text),
"state": "",
"postalCode": "",
"country": "ARE",
"currencyCode": "AED",
"customerUniqueReference": "",
"customer": {
"name": "Foloosi Test",
"email": "[email protected]",
"mobile": "501234567",
"code": "",
"address": "",
"city": "",
var result = await FoloosiPlugins.makePayment(json.encode(orderData));
if (kDebugMode) {
print("Payment Response: $result");

*Important Note*

orderData.customerUniqueReference = "Unique value"
// Unique value must be customer id/email/mobile number for saved card feature.
Now make payment with order data you created above.

b.make Payment with reference token

Initialize api

Get Reference Token
var referenceToken = "YOUR REFERENCE TOKEN";
var result = await FoloosiPlugins.makePaymentWithReferenceToken(referenceToken);
if (kDebugMode) {
print("Payment Response: $result");

Api Specification

  • Request call must be in POST.
  • With this api only your going to confirm which feature you are using.
  • For Saved Card Payment Method, You need to pass your customer unique details like email,etc., in customer_unique_identifier.
Post Request Body
  1. 1.
    It is mandatory when you are using saved card payment.
  2. 2.
    It must be Unique like email id,customer id, etc.,


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