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Payment Response Handling

Let's see how to handle payment response !
Foloosi payments has two types of responses,
  • Foloosi handler for Popup Payment method.
  • Request post object for Hosting Payment method.

a. Foloosi handler

/* Foloosi handler for payment response handling
* Add the below code inside the script tag to handle payment response
foloosiHandler(response, function (e) {
if( == 'success'){
//responde success code
if( == 'error'){
//responde success code
if( == 'closed'){
//Payment Popup Closed

b. Redirects to site_return_url with post data

//sample post response
"status": "success",
"data": {
"amount": 12.00,
"currency": "AED",
"transaction_no": "FLSXXXXXXXXXXABC",
"optional1": "additional_field",
"optional2": "additional_field",
"optional3": "additional_field",


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