Features that Foloosi Offers to help you build a WorldClass Payment experience !

Our Client Side Direct Integration of your website with Foloosi's Payment API lets you receive payments instantly against purchase of your products.

You can integrate Foloosi's sdk and receive payments for your products on your mobile applications.

You can save customer card details in the form of one-time tokens with Foloosi. On a repeat visit, the customers will be able to pay directly just by entering the CVV of the card.

Use our Subscription API's that allows you to manage recurring payments for products and grants you periodically scheduled income.

Customize the Checkout Page to suit your Style. It allows you to add your company's logo and modify the look of your Payment Checkout Page.

International Payments

Foloosi's Payment Gateway fecilates Payment Collection in more than 170 foreign currencies. This support is provided on all our channels like Api, Payment Links, Product Links and Invoices.


Visit https://www.foloosi.com for support requests or email to [email protected].

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