Foloosi’s partner-payout helps businesses make multiple settlements to multiple recipients for a smooth and accommodative business transaction lifecycle.


Foloosi’s partner-payout has the capability to make pre-structured payments to merchant and their partners automatically in a single transaction.

This feature is often used by companies that need to distribute funds to a large number of affiliates or sub-affiliates, such as online marketplaces or affiliate networks. By using our partner-payout feature these companies can streamline their payment process and reduce the administrative burden of making multiple payments individually.

How to Activate Partner-Payout

To Activate partner payouts, send us a request mail to [email protected]

To Create Partner

Log in to foloosi panel,

1) Open Partner management and Click Add button which is available in top right corner of the screen.

2) Then enter the partner details and partner bank details with bank proof.

Note: once the bank details are added, you are not supposed to modify. To update the bank details, send us a request mail to [email protected].

Integrate with api transaction

To create a partner transaction using any type of integration, Just add the additional parameter in initialize api.

"partner_unique_reference":"Partner Unique Id"

To find partner transaction

After the successful api transaction with partner unique reference, it is listed in partner transaction under merchant transaction in foloosi panel

To find Partner Settlement

The partner settlements are not maintained along with normal settlement, It is categorized with name of partner settlement under merchant settlement in foloosi panel.






partner unique reference is nothing but partner id which is available in partner management.


Visit for support requests or email to [email protected].

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